About MannaScript

MannaScript was born from divine assignment
and the inspiration of an awesome support team.
This endeavor was formed as a tool to empower
readers from all backgrounds to relish in the most
intimate, vital relationship in this present life. The
effect: an increased quality of life that will literally
change your perspective -- on everything.

Manna is derived from a Hebrew term meaning,
“What is this?” In the Old Testament, Israelites
named the substance
manna, which God
miraculously provided for them in the wilderness
-- fresh, every morning. The daily supply was
natural, yet it was unmistakably symbolic of their
spiritual nourishment and constant dependence
on God for sustaining life (see Ex. 16:14-16).
Jesus Christ comes along in the
New Testament, proclaiming that He is indeed,
“...the Bread of Life. He who comes to me shall
never hunger, and he who believes in me shall
never thirst.”
In this passage, He boldly declares
His role as the source of and for life. He’s right,
Jesus is everything and so much more -- to the
Highest Power (pun intended). For brevity
purposes, we’ll loosely define
script as: text
prepared for a specified or general audience
(e.g. - manuscript, Scripture, transcript, etc.).
With that said, we arrive at the term,


Our Web site exists only as a complement to Bible
study and application, and private, quality time
with The Father. The results of becoming one
with God through an intimate relationship with His
Jesus Christ are limitless. Whether you are
a teacher, salesperson, minister, parent, student
or one who is still “searching for purpose,” all of
us — young or advanced — can afford to be
closer to God than we were just an hour ago.
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