Wonder of the Word

Sarah – ‘Producing the Promise’

“By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a
child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had
Hebrews 11:11

How would you like to collaborate with the Omniscient on a series of spiritually
enhancing projects?
We actually have this optimal opportunity every day.

Sarah experienced this priceless privilege. She was the wife of Abraham; a woman
who, for several decades was unable to bear children, yet she became the mother
of many nations. God had given Abraham and Sarah, both nearly 100 years old,
a few significant promises — one of them being the birth of a son. After the pair
verbally displayed their disbelief, God delivered his word through the womb of

Leading Lady
Sarah soon accepted her starring role in the production of life. Her challenge was
one that we all will face, if we’re committed to the Lord and growing in our
relationship with Him. Before she became aligned, Sarah, not fully trusting the word
of the Lord, got herself and her husband distracted with a “solution” to their
dilemma. Together, they carried out a scheme to give her maid to Abraham to
produce what she believed could be her free ride to their destiny. The plot that
unfolded proved quite the contrary.

She became desperate, worried and anxious — probably thinking like many of us
that she should “do something quickly before it’s too late … God is taking too long
… and perhaps He really didn’t intend for me to enjoy this promise after all.” And,
at another point, we find Sarah laughing at the word of the Lord, who had visited
Abraham to remind him of the promise that He intended to fulfill — specifically
through the two of them (Gen. 18:9-12).

If we take an honest look within, and maybe not so far back, we may find ourselves
guilty of doubting the good intentions of the Lord toward us (Jer. 29:11).
Sometimes God shows us a sneak peek into the desires He’s placed in our hearts,
and internal questions arise:
Is it really possible to have what I desire? Can I do
that? It’s not too much for me to enjoy? What will others think of this delight?

Desire by Design
Our desires should line up with the word of God. This simply means that Scriptures
should directly address or support those desires and promises. If your desires
(goals, dreams, abilities, promises, etc.) spring from the Lord and you’re in right
relationship with Him, then the answers to those internal questions are affirmative.
Not that we are never to have challenges and disappointments (Jesus warned that
we would – John 16:33), but there’s endless hope for those who are choosing to
first take pleasure in God:
“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you
the desires of your heart …”
(Ps. 37:4-5).

Cooperation Makes it Happen
Somewhere along the way, between the announcement from the Lord and the
conception of Isaac, Sarah got her faith in order, followed by her works. Despite
the evident facts of her age and barrenness, Sarah had to gather herself to go
forth with action in order to conceive and eventually produce the promise. It may
seem that being intimate with her husband required no huge effort, but it
undoubtedly took much mental, if not physical, strength to go through with
“trying again,” after decades of no results.

In the midst of lifelong public shame, Sarah had to get to the point where she
considered God, who gave the promise, faithful. Sometimes that will be all we have
to rely on, but He is indeed the best Source to trust. How many times have our own
plans or efforts, apart from Him, left us desiring more?

Set Time
In this familiar account, God announced that at the appointed time the following
year, Sarah would give birth to a son (Gen. 17:21). He even went so far as to name
the child Isaac (which means “laughter”). For every person, there is already an
appointment for every desire and promise. Our role is to be in relationship with Him
in order to be in fellowship; to be in tune with His rhythm in order to see the
promises manifested. It’d be wise for us to submit to that order, even if it requires
seasons of not knowing or understanding everything.   

Many of us have scratched our heads like Abraham and Sarah when we look at the
facts, but the Lord brings to pass our desires, dreams and promises in various
methods. He has a treasure chest of ways to get you to your desired place. At
times it involves another’s deposit, like with Sarah. When it does, we must be in
tune, in time, and on target to receive as God leads. We must be attentive to order
and flow; in right standing and intimate, consistent fellowship with Him.

There might be a minor yet pivotal action or word on your part that will set things in
motion to reach a desired destination. And of course, if we miss an intended timing,
or mess up, no one can say that it’s over — for it is because of the Lord’s great
and abundant mercy and His ultimate plan for our success and well-being, that we
are not consumed (Lam. 3:22-24; Jer. 29:11).

In some aspects, we may not have to work at it; sometimes we do, but we are
definitely a factor in the equation of producing the general and specific
promises of God.      
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