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Wonder of the Word
Noah - ‘Prompted by Faith’

[Prompted] by faith Noah, being forewarned by God concerning events of
which as yet, there was  no visible sign, took heed and diligently and
reverently constructed and prepared an ark for the deliverance of his own
family...and became an heir and possessor of righteousness (that relation of
being right into which God puts the person who has faith). Hebrews 11:7 AMP

Total Trust
Most of us know the account of Noah - at the commandment of God he constructed
a large ship as an act of obedience and to save himself, his family, and all species
of creatures. After sorrowful disappointment in humanity, God had pronounced
judgment on the sinful earth, declaring that a 40-day rainstorm and flood would
destroy everything left outside of the boat (Gen. 6:5-7).

The awesome wonder with the testimony of Noah is not the massive ark - in all its
tremendous strength, width and height. Instead, there is more amazement found in
the immediate obedience, first in his heart, then in the ensuing actions of his being.

Noah was chosen due to a joint faith relationship between Creator and creation.
God had shown his covenantal love through His faithfulness, and Noah responded
in love by being faithful to God and His idea of righteousness - unlike the ruined
generation surrounding him. What’s intriguing is that these evil people had the
same option of fellowship with the sovereign God that Noah enjoyed, yet they
willingly chose sin and death instead. The Word describes Noah as just, perfect in
his generations, one who walked with God in a continual life pattern (Gen. 6:9).

Ready to Rely
The climate of the time was that of violence, murder, sexual immorality, etc. (Sound
familiar?) However, in the mix of all the evil, Noah thought it not strange to avail his
ears to hear and his heart to heed the assignment of the Lord. Now, it’s one thing
to stand when you have an army of bonafide supporters, but it’s yet another
obstacle when you are instructed to do something (literally) against the flow of what
is accepted as normal.

But Noah was urged on by faith. Many wise, articulate ministers have defined faith
quite accurately and impressively. For this piece, let’s simplify it. Faith is trust,
confidence, hope, belief, seeing, the unseen, reliance, etc. The most certain way
to gain the maximum results from faith is if all the aforementioned synonyms are
pointed toward God.

So we see that Noah totally trusted God at a time when there appeared to be no
natural reason to do so. Well, at least to the untrained, unfaithful eye. For Noah, it
seemed only natural to have complete confidence in his supernatural God. He was
able to do the impossible, based on a directive from God. The instruction was
clear. He knew the Voice. He had faith in the Source.  “And Noah did according to
all that the Lord had commanded him,” was a phrase to which the writer of Genesis
alluded several times.

Noah allowed the prompting of the Lord to determine his initial obedience and then
his careful attention to the detail God outlined for His plan of salvation from
destruction. Throughout history, I can only imagine the billions of people whom
God has pursued to get them to trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation from eternal

Swimming Upstream
I really don’t know if Noah had a small measure of faith and God developed that
during his 900-plus years of his life, or if he started out with an innate reliance on
the Creator; but I do know that he trusted enough to build a strange, giant object,
which undoubtedly made him look foolish to the wisdom of the evil world
surrounding him.

When God has targeted you for any assignment (all of God’s tasks are significant),
it will require some amount of faith for whomever says yes to the call. But we have
encouragement form Jesus Christ Himself who told us that, with God, all things are
possible (Matt. 19:26). In the strength of the Holy Spirit of Christ, we can do all
things that God has for us to do - and we posses the power to be all that called us
to be, according to the uniqueness and gifts He has given each of us on this earth
(Phil 4:13).

As challenges, assignments or even pain look impossible to endure, I’d rather take
courage (in the form of faith) any day, instead of taking fear.

For a complete study on Noah, please see Genesis 6 - 10 and Hebrews 11.