Deborah - 'Seasoned for the Circumstance'

“ … Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all
longsuffering and teaching.”
II Tim. 4:2b NKJV

Leadership. Boldness. Bravery. Responsibility. Stewardship. Accountability.
Confrontation. These words make you think of a soldier prepared for a battle, or a
seasoned prayer warrior ready for life’s next challenge. The individual described in
the terms above come in the package of a female servant who availed her life for
God’s assignment.

Availing Much
With God Himself as her driving force, Deborah found it a no-brainer to rise to any
occasion. She possessed a fierce public boldness, rare for someone in her day.
Her fulfillment was simply that the plan and ultimate glory of God be accomplished.

Positioned as a wise judge of Israel, Deborah, a wife and prophetess, poured out
Godly wisdom on a daily basis. No doubt, the Hebrews approached her with their
circumstances from the minute to the deeply complicated. So it’s no surprise that,
when God was ready to perform one of His mighty acts of deliverance on behalf of
His beloved Israel, He called on Deborah to announce and organize the
manifestation. She was a public relations practitioner, of sorts.

Deborah was a trustworthy steward. A steward is defined as one who manages an
owner’s property or affairs, and can be a leader among other servants or workers.
Although the steward is not the proprietor, his priority is to guard and enhance that
which has been placed in his care (I Tim. 6:20a). So it is reasonable that the Bible
would state that
“it is required in a steward that one be found faithful (I Cor. 4:2).”
Such was Deborah, and so can we be.

If God cannot find us productive and faithful with the gifts and capacities He’s given
us, it would be senseless for Him to trust us further or with more responsibility (and
subsequent rewards).

Order in the House
The dismantled tribes of Israel were beginning to exhibit a measure of cohesion,
and continual opposition from foreign nations was sufficient reason for God’s
chosen nation to form a peaceful unit. The stage was set for the Almighty God to
again show what He could do to protect and cause His people to triumph.

This is much like our disarrayed world today. Not to underrate the chaos, but there
is a role — large scale or more narrowly focused — that we can fulfill according to
the power of God that we allow to work in our lives, and in our respective spheres
of influence.

In a direct command from God, Deborah — who was busy being productive in the
purpose to which she was called — summoned Barak and informed him that he’d
need to gather 10,000 troops and prepare for battle. Also included in the message
from God was the assurance of certain victory over the army of the enemy nations.

Instead of taking courage, Barak immediately welcomed fear and declared that he
would not be going anywhere to do anything for anyone, unless Deborah were to
accompany him. The prophetess told him that she’d go, but the honor would not
go to Barak, rather a woman. Probably wasn’t so easy on the male pride.

More Than Conquerors
As God promised, Israel eventually won the battle at the hand of Jael. She was the
wife of one of Moses’ in-laws. In a fluke event, the enemy king sought refuge in
Jael’s nearby tent. While he slept, she drove a nail through his forehead and,
because of her bravery, saw the end of the battle. Deborah foretold the account,
and had no qualms about the credit going to another woman.

Soon after, Deborah showed us more evidence of her level of maturity. She
proclaimed the power and majesty of God in a duet with the very man who’d
shunned his responsibility (Judges 5), leaving her to be the leader behind Israel’s

Her dedicated stewardship in the kingdom of God shows us what it’s like to be
seasoned for any circumstance.

For a complete study, please refer to Judges 4-5.
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