Wonder of the Word
Abigail - 'Filled with Wisdom’

“...and the name of his wife Abigail.  And she was a woman of good
understanding and beautiful appearance.”  I Sam. 25:3b NKJV

Ever meet someone who is an outstanding person for all the apparent external
qualities, and then get to know them deeper, only to discover unseen attributes
that speak of an even greater hero? One such wonder, Abigail, hails from the
word of God.
The book of I Samuel describes Abigail as an attractive, wise, and even bold
woman. Her account is somewhat unique in the sense that she was one of the
few female Biblical figures who actually took a voluntary public stand (when she
felt like her husband and servants’ lives were in jeopardy), devised a strategic
plan to save her otherwise crude husband. She even appeared before a male
leader, without being summoned - absolutely unheard of in her day   
Before she entered the world, society had already placed a low value on
Abigail. But this brave soul circumvented the oppressors, and made the most of
the opportunities she was given to serve the Lord. Equipped with a special
dose of Godly wisdom, stunning outer beauty, and a pinch of compassion,
Abigail used her attributes to intervene on behalf of those she cared about.
She was married to a wealthy but somewhat evil man, Nabal. David’s servants
inquired of Nabal for food and rest, after being out on the battlefield, and after
David had shown kindness to his servants in a previous encounter. When
Nabal refused to extend grace to Judah’s soon-to-be king, David set out to
pursue this Nabal to kill him, and take possession of his riches. Nabal’s
servants bypassed their master and took the threatening words straight to
Abigail. For these men to approach her instead of their rich ruler, she must’ve
been well-respected for her nobility and wisdom by everyone who knew her.
Abigail, who served as a counselor for her husband, made haste to go out and
meet with David. In a bold move, she left without giving Nabal a clue of what
was happening. She sent her servants out to meet him first, and present him
with an abundant supply of food. Abigail soon followed, asking the shepherd
and soldier in a long plea to have mercy on her wayward husband, and all that
he owned.
David’s response was more than flattering:
“Blessed is the Lord God of Israel,
who sent you this day to meet me  And blessed is your advice and blessed are
you, because you have kept me this day from avenging myself with my own
hand. For indeed, as the Lord God of Israel lives, who has kept me back from
hurting you, unless you had hurried and come to  meet me., surely by morning
light, no males would have been left to Nabal  ....Go in peace to your house.
See indeed I have heeded your voice and respected your person,”
(I Sam. 25:
32-35 NKJV). What a commendation!  
The next morning Abigail reported to Nabal what was going to happen, and he
realized how his life had been spared. Ironically, the report was too much for
his heart and he died within 10 days.
Having risked her status and her life, Abigail understood the timing, wisdom
and compassion of the Lord. And she wasn’t interested in glory for herself.
Neither did Abigail need a religious title or a sought-after public position to
make a difference in her sphere of influence. She wasn’t afraid to take care of
business, although surrounded by numerous reasons to shy away from
David was so impressed with her character that he proposed to marry Abigail
after he learned of Nabal’s death. This was a huge arrangement for a widow to
have a redeemer offer to care for her. Because of her qualities, he was moved
to the point compassion and invited her to be a part of his life.
There exists an even greater pact with our Redeemer, Jesus Christ - Who
offers us life in and with Himself, in spite of our human qualities. We’re
absolutely nothing without Him.  

For a complete study on Abigail, refer to I Samuel 25:2-44.  
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