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Mary Mary Article
Mary Mary: Stepping Up, Remaining Grounded
By Shamerra T. Brown

There’s nothing quite contrary about this Mary Mary. Amid the flurry of indecency
that seems to be a requirement in the mainstream music climate, this Christian
duo is not afraid to live, breathe and sing the message of Jesus Christ.

Star Light, Star Bright
With an acclaimed third album to their credit, sisters and singing partners, Erica
and Tina Campbell, continue to sing praises and love songs to God, as they have
since they were children. Erica says that her sister Tina was “live and in concert
24/7” at their childhood home in Inglewood, Calif. Tina understood her gift to
encourage people with her voice at a young age, while singing during a church
service. Once she realized what was in her, Tina, who is the younger of the two,
let go of all her inhibitions to share her gift with the world.

And the world listened. The ladies have traveled the globe promoting their faith
through the universal language of music. But they had to pay their dues with miles
of groundwork before their rise to gospel music glory. Erica and Tina started out
singing in church and eventually moved into performing in gospel plays and the
school choir. Soon after, the duo began writing songs and they appeared in a TV
music show.  From there, they began singing backup for several R&B artists. Erica
and Tina were soon signed for a publishing deal, writing songs, and it wasn’t long
after that they got a recording contract with Columbia/Sony Records. Three hit
albums and a lot of practical life experience later, they have no cause to slow

“We’re going to continue to do what we do and do it Mary Mary style. We’re going
to be funky and fun. We can’t help being that kind of people,” says Erica.
“Ultimately, we’re just two girls from California who love God and are glad about
the talent God gave us.”

Pop Appeal
In 2000, they earned immediate success with Mary Mary’s platinum debut album,
Thankful. The liberating hit single, “Shackles,” placed them at the top of the charts
all over the world, and the girls followed that up with 2002’s
Incredible, which was
certified gold. They even wrote a book, Transparent, offering their audience a
deeper look into their lives – hoping that their personal testimonies will inspire
others to follow God and His purpose. With their latest release, the self-titled Mary
Mary, Erica and Tina continue to soar to incredible heights. They spread the
Gospel with a unique flair and mass appeal that attracts as many nonbelievers as
they do Christians.     

These days the Grammy Award winners are more confident about their music than
they were when Thankful was released. Tina explains: “Sometimes when you first
come out, you don’t really know who you are as artists and musically, you haven’t
really found your niche. This time around…