Judy Jacobs Interview
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Judy Jacobs & Jesus! Her Lifelong Passion Sweeps the Nations
By Shamerra T. Brown

Min. Judy Jacobs: Shamerra, can we get started with just a little word of prayer?
Shamerra T. Brown: Oh absolutely.
Min. Jacobs: Father we just thank You for this opportunity; I thank You for this mighty woman
of God. I thank you for what You’re doing with this article, Lord, and how You’re going to touch
the lives of many people. We pray that lives will be changed, delivered, set free and blessed,
that the word of the Lord will be strong and powerful as it goes forth for Your purpose. I pray
blessings upon Shamerra and everybody who’s connected to her. Lord, I just thank You that
the word of God is being published and that people are being blessed because of it.

Shamerra: Thank you for that, Minister Jacobs. I respect that you’re so driven in what you do
for Christ. No matter where you are or what kind of platform it is, your energy, your message,
your passion for Christ is consistent. How do you remain driven and focused, regardless of
what the various surroundings might call for?
Min. Jacobs: Well, I’d like to contribute it to first of all … I give glory and honor to my Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ, first and foremost. He is preeminent in my life and has been since I was
just a child. I come from a culture of prayer, a church background. My mom and dad were both
born- again people, Spirit-filled. I am the baby of 12 children, so I got caught at the very end of
that thing. When it came to me, I was really set in order. You know, you used the word driven,
and that’s really what happened to me. I was driven, not only by my background, but I was
driven by the people who I surrounded myself with. The Bible says that iron sharpens iron
(Prov. 27:17), so when you’re around people who are constantly sharpening you, then you’re
going to get sharper and sharper. Even as I was going through all the stages of childhood … I
gave my heart to the Lord when I was 8, and I started ministering when I was 12 years old. So
when you start that early and you’re surrounded by siblings and parents who are shaping and
forming you into this image that God would have you to be, there’s something that’s going to
come out of that for the good of the kingdom of God. So I first give honor to the Lord, then I
give honor to my parents, my family who have been there for me, and who have been a
constant encouragement in my life … my mom didn’t just teach me how to pray, she showed
me how to pray, my family taught me how to fast, and how to be in the Word and stay in the
Word, so I come from a very strong family that is biblically based, and we stayed in church
constantly. I just really have a love for God; I’ve always had this passion for God, and I just
really always wanted to please God. I’m not trying to sound spiritual, or trying to make this
sound any other way than what it is. I’ve always had that drive inside of me to serve God and
serve Him with greatness, and with everything that I could possibly give to Him.
Shamerra: So no matter where you are, that just comes out because that’s who you are.
Min. Jacobs: That’s who I am. And you know, I’ve had some lessons to learn because when
you start growing and maturing, then you begin to learn that He’s not your mama’s God or your
sister’s God. He is your God, He is the one who brought you through this and you don’t get on
your knees because your mama told you to get on your knees. You get on your knees because
you’re desperate and you need for God to come through for you. And I saw what worked in my
family’s life and in my life … then when life kind of hit me, I knew what to do, I knew exactly
where to go. I knew exactly how to approach the throne, I knew exactly how to go to the Word
and find out what the Word says about me. You understand? That’s how we deal with life. We
know where to turn. Many people don’t have that knowledge, you know, when they get in
trouble, then they go to the Lord. The Bible says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently
seek after Him (Hebrews 11:6); not someone who is a casual acquaintance, someone who is
diligently seeking Him with all their heart.

Shamerra: The next question was going to be “What were you like as a child,” but you pretty
much covered that. Talk about your daughters and their zeal for God and prayer. I’ve heard
you mention that they love to pray. Did you specifically train them in this way, or did they pick it
up just by being around your ministry team and travels?
Min. Jacobs: Well my husband was raised practically the same way that I was raised. He was
raised on a traveling bus with his family. He started playing the drums behind his group of
family singers when he was 5. So he grew up on a tour bus and I grew up on a tour bus, so we
both had this drive and this passion for God since we were children. When we had children, we
knew the course that they were going to take. We were going to raise them up the same way
we were raised — to fear and to know the Lord, and to be in the presence of God. Then to
pursue the call of God on their lives. Since they got here, they’ve been around that, in that
culture. They’ve been on the road. Let me tell you, my little girl was six weeks old when she was
on a plane to California. So, it’s a part of their DNA, if you will. They’ve grown up in that, they’re
Spirit-filled, they love to pray loud, they love to pray when they’re walking … they’re on the
stage with us, they’re into dance, music, writing, instruments, piano, guitar … My little
10-year-old is very edgy, my 7-year-old is a little worshipper, she likes the worship music.
But they’re all about serving God, loving God and worshipping God.      
Shamerra: I’m sure that’s touching for you as a mother.
Min. Jacobs: That is all I ask. What more could a parent ask for?

Shamerra: Now you sing, preach, write, host, and I’m sure a number of other things … are
your preparation methods different for each? Which one comes most natural for you?
Min. Jacobs: I really love to go on a revelation knowledge. I love to study, and I do quite a bit
of that, but when God gives me a word, it’s a “season” word. Sometimes I’ll go a season with
this word for the body of Christ, and then other times, you step into a place and you know, this
is the word of the Lord for this place. So it’s all according to the leading of the Spirit, Shamerra,
in how I listen to the voice of the Lord, I hear what the Lord is saying and then I give the word
that God has given me for the place or the season that I’m in; because if I’m in a season,
somebody else is in the same season. God is speaking to the church, encouraging us and He’s
challenging us in every area of our lives.

Shamerra: As such a powerful woman in ministry, what are some of the changes you’ve seen
with women being accepted when you first began versus the way things are now with a plethora
of women being more visible?
Min. Jacobs: Well, I’ll be honest with you, I talk about this in my book Stand Strong raised as
the baby of 12, and raised in the culture of prayer, family, worship and church, I was always the
one that was driven, I was always the one that was pushed, I was always the one that was told,
“You can do anything through Christ Jesus who gives you the strength, you don’t worry about
people, you get up there, you do what God’s called you to do, you be who God’s called you to
be, don’t worry about man …” That’s the empowerment that I came from. I’m sure there have
been times when I’ve been confronted with being a woman in ministry, but I can truthfully say
that I have never let that stop me, deter me or discourage me. To me, there has always been
an audience of One. … I appreciate what God has done because I believe we are right now
smack dab in the middle of prophecy. [Joel] said, “In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon
all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men will dream dreams your
young men shall see visions and on my servant and on my handmaiden I will pour out My spirit
(Joel 2:28). That word “prophesy” literally means to preach or to proclaim. And so that’s what
we’re seeing in these last days, where God is raising up mighty women, strong women of God.
Now, some of them are being attacked and we can see that. It is a direct attack; it goes straight
back to the garden. We can blame it on this, we can blame it on that, but it all goes back to the
garden. [The enemy] hates women; he hates our message, he hates our seed; he hates what
we’ve got to offer. That’s the reason why he’s always tried to keep our voices silent. But I thank
God that he still has a remnant of women who are still standing strong, and it is a great day in
the body of Christ for the women of God.

Shamerra: Once you’ve reached the level of exposure that you have, how do you refrain from
complacency or relaxing in a comfort zone?
Min. Jacobs: Whew, I don’t have any room for a comfort zone! What does that word “comfort”
really mean? My husband and I have a hard time getting away from it all because God has
given us so much vision. My husband more so than me. So we’re constantly driven by the
harvest, we’re constantly driven by the call of God on our lives. We have to make sure we give
ourselves downtime. My husband is a marriage and family counselor and we have to put
vacation on our calendars and we have to hold our guns to it. But we are driven by what we do,
by all the things that God has placed in our hands – the Stay Close Marriage Encounter, the
Press, Push, Pursue Women’s Conference, the International Institute of Mentoring Men and
Women, our
Judy Jacobs Now! TV broadcast, our His Song Music Group ... So there’s a lot to
do in the kingdom of God.  

Shamerra: Well how do you balance it all and still have family and personal time?
Min. Jacobs: It is a very challenging thing, but I tell you what, when you have a 10-year-old
and an 8-year-old, they know how to balance you. They know how to pull you away and keep
you humble [laughs]. As I said earlier, my husband’s a marriage and family counselor, so he
knows how to pull the reigns back. We have to do that on a daily basis. We have to fight, if you
will, on a daily basis, to keep things balanced. We have to maintain each other, our family, our
staff, and you do that on a daily basis. There’s no A-B-C, 1-2-3 miracle-working formula. It’s
something you work at, every day, and it’s not an easy thing to do. I wish I could say that we
are the perfect little family, but we’re not. When you’re in ministry, ministry is coupled with so
many things, you have to ask the Lord to give you guidance and give you wisdom, and give
you knowledge and understanding and He will do that.             

Shamerra: Very wise resolve. What’s been one of your low points, and how’d you recover from
it? Something where there was a really difficult trial, and God really went to the extreme with
your deliverance.
Min. Jacobs: There have been many instances like that, and I would go back to my rearing. I
still have a very strong family unit. I still have my brothers and sisters that back me so strongly
and encourage me … my mom and dad are with the Lord today, but we have a strong family
unit that backs us. My husband’s family is very strong, they help us, they encourage us. But
there have been some situations that we’ve faced with our children, I can remember one time,
my little girl was facing a situation with the spirit of fear. It came to torment her. It was a very
hard time in our lives. I remember I was really battle-weary from battling it, going back and forth.
I remember getting up one day and I told my husband that I was going to pray and fast “until.”
He says, “Until when? Are you talking about a day, three days …?” I said, “Until.” Until I see a
breakthrough. The devil can’t do anything with “until.” You’re going to seek God, you’re going
to cry out to God until you see something move. And that was a very challenging time in my life,
but I saw the victory come.

Shamerra: How long was that “until?”
Min. Jacobs: It was on the third day whenever I saw a change that took place. It was a thing
where the first day was easy, the second day you’re really, really hungry, the third day it really
starts to come in on you. And the Holy Spirit started to say, “Can you rejoice now, before you
see anything?” And I said, “Yes I can, the victory is won.” And I can remember getting up off my
knees and dancing all over my bedroom floor. And I knew that I knew that I knew that
everything was OK. Sometimes you’ve just got to go “until.” And I wouldn’t suggest that to
anybody unless you get a word from the Lord. You’ve go to know that God says, “Until.”
That’s when it comes to fasting anyway. I believe that God can show you and speak to you
about things concerning prayer, and maybe fasting a Daniel fast. Some things only come
through prayer and fasting.

Shamerra: The very words of Jesus! What would you say has been one of your highest
Min. Jacobs: My husband and I went on a 40-day fast because we wanted to see God open
up doors of ministry for us, so that I could be talking to Shamerra right now.
Shamerra: Amen!
Min. Jacobs: [Laughs] You know, we were ministering at small churches with 100, 200 people.
There’s nothing wrong with churches of 100, 200 people, except, [we] want[ed] to reach more
people for God. And so God directed us to go on a 40-day fast, the Daniel fast, then He
instructed us to start giving, start planting considerable amounts of seed. I’ll tell you, the
amount was $1,000, He told us to begin to plant $1,000 seeds and begin to believe for a
breakthrough. And when we began to go on this fast, it was a shifting in our minds and in our
spirits. God did something totally beyond what were even expecting in us and through us. He
not only opened the doors to nations and millions of people, but he did something very, very
deep inside of us that is just … we’ve never gone back to that place. We’re still trying — you
know God is always moving on you. Just when you think you’re about to catch up with Him, He’ll
move on you. The Father God is all the while effectually at work in us, the apostle Paul said,
“both to will and to do His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13). So He’s always constantly moving,
changing, shifting ... as Tommy Tenney says, “We’re always chasing after Him.” And we’re
thankful for the doors that God has opened for us and how we’re [able to minister to] people on
such a great level, seeing lives changed, people saved, healed, delivered, set free, marriages
restored; doing a work to the total family, body, soul and spirit, husbands, wives, sons and
daughters. We’re very excited about that.     
Shamerra: When you began the fast and you started having to sow the financial seeds, was
that a strain for you and Jamie at that time? Or was it something you knew that you had to do
and it was kind of effortless?
Min. Jacobs: Well you know, there’s always a strain when it comes to fasting. I’ve done 10-day
total fasts before which was very hard. So you know, fasting is the highest thing that you can
do so that you pull yourself away, and it’s never easy. The Bible says, the spirit of God had
come down in the form of a dove and the Heavens were opened and God said, “This is my
beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased,” (Luke 3:22). After that, the spirit of God drove and led
Him to the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, for 40 days and 40 nights (Luke 4:1-13). I’m
sure that was not easy. … The Bible says that after that, He was hungry. And so, it seems like
whenever you are going through a fast, all of hell breaks loose on you, trying to deter you,
trying to stop you, trying to hinder you, because of all the things that your body is going
through. So it was a time of struggle and a battle, but also it was a glorious time, where you’re
receiving incredible revelation knowledge, your spirit is open, you’re so keen to the voice of the
Lord. It’s such a beautiful time in the presence of the Lord.

Shamerra: What inspires you?
Min. Jacobs: I just love reading the word of God. I love hearing other powerful men and
women. I love being around people who intimidate me to greatness. I may be shy when I’m
around them, but you know, I’m going to come around sooner or later and I’m going to ask
them questions or pick their brain a little bit. I love being around people who sharpen me.  

Shamerra: What upsets you? Possibly something that motivates you to prayer.
Min. Jacobs: I think Mike Murdock said the devil’s entry point is always through someone that
you love. That would be my children. The devil knows that he can come against me with my
children. Maybe I’m having to leave them to go on a trip, and they’re sick; or something of
that sort.
Or something to do with the office, things are not operating, things are not functioning. So you
have to take it to the Lord in prayer, 1,400 times a day cast your cares upon the Lord. And
stay in an attitude of prayer. That’s the reason that Paul said pray without ceasing (I Thes.
5:17), because if you live in the natural, the natural will kill you, because the giants just keep
getting bigger. But you have to keep an attitude of prayer, an attitude of faith at all times. I’d
like to say that that’s the way I stay all the time — sounds real spiritual — but I have to
constantly remind myself, that’s the reason Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift (II Tim. 1:6).     

Shamerra: What Scriptures are you focusing on in this season?
Min. Jacobs: Well I’m very focused on my book that I’m writing right now, it’s a very powerful
book called Don’t Miss Your Moment. I am really focusing in on that book. I really feel like there
are some people who have missed their moment, but God is the God of second chances. And
so I am very much encouraging the body of Christ not to miss their moments. You know, what
would have happened if the woman with the issue of blood would have missed her moment?
What would have happened to Zacchaeus? What would have happened to blind Bartimaeus?
We can’t miss our moment that God has destined for us. What would have happened to Martin
Luther King? What would have happened to all the mighty men and women of God who we
can’t begin to name? Kathryn Kuhlman said that she told the Lord she couldn’t believe He
chose her. She said the Holy Spirit spoke back to her and said, “Kathryn, you don’t
understand, I spoke to three men, and everyone of them turned me down.” So we can’t miss
our moment and that’s kind of where I am right now.    
Shamerra: So is the book based on any particular Scripture?
Min. Jacobs: Well it’s talking about the Scripture I [mentioned] earlier, The Father God is all
the while at work in you “both to will and to do His good pleasure.” (Phil. 2:13) There are many
Scriptures that are involved in this book and not one particular Scripture sticks out; I don’t have
it in front of me. I think one thing that has been the theme in my life that I’m using in this book is
Philipians 1:6, “Be confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will
complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” So that’s one Scripture that I think has been
paramount in this book to be confident in your calling. Be confident in what God has placed
in you, and don’t let the devil steal that moment, that time and that season in your life. To
everything there is a season (Eccl. 3:1). So there are many Scriptures that stand out in
the book.    

Shamerra: That one seems to fit the overall theme of the book. What do you want to say
about Jesus? What’s your message to the world, all people, seasoned Christians, non-
Christians, etc.?
Min. Jacobs: Jesus Christ is the answer to everything that we need. He loves us with such an
unending love. Paul talks about the breadth, the depth, the height, the length of His love.
I know how much I love my children. I know how much I love my husband. I can’t imagine the
love of the Father. Just recently, I celebrated a birthday and one of my mentees gave me the
The Passion of the Christ in pictures. And it’s very hard for me to go through that book. It’
s very hard for me to imagine that ‘for God so loved this world, that He gave the only thing that
He had’ (John 3:16). And you know what the gentleman did to depict, I can’t think of his name
right now …      
Shamerra: Mel Gibson.
Min. Jacobs: What Mel Gibson did to depict what Jesus did … Isaiah said that He didn’t even
look like a human being (Is. 52:14). He was marred. I can’t imagine the love that the Father had
for us that He turns His face on His Son … I can’t imagine that kind of love that He has for us.
I would encourage the body of Christ and those who don’t know Jesus to try and grasp His
love. You know, He didn’t make hell for us. He created it for the devil and his angels. And so
the love of God is so amazing, immeasurable … to know that He knows us so well. That makes
me feel very uncomfortable when I say that. He knows my inside and outside, my uprising and
my down-sitting; He knows me so well and yet He loves me so much.   
Shamerra: That is one of the most intense and quality answers we’ve gotten for that question.
Thank you.  
Min. Jacobs: Praise God.

Shamerra: How’d you come up with the name for His Song Ministries? Is it a physical location
where you hold workshops, counseling and other things for public guests, or is it just for your
office staff?
Min Jacobs: We have a ministry center in Cleveland, Tenn., which is His Song Ministry Inc.
Right now we are building a debt-free building for our International Institute of Mentoring, where
we’re bringing in students from around the nation to train them and equip them. Shamerra,
there’s so much that God is doing. People can go to our Web site, judyjacobs.com, to find out
about our family conferences, marriage retreats, women’s conferences, TV program and more.
His Song Ministries comes from Psalm 42:8, “Yet the Lord shall command His lovingkindness to
you in the daytime, and in the nighttime His song shall be the prayer of God on my lips.” God
gave that to me long before I started as a soloist in 1989, and told me it would be the name of
my ministry.    

Shamerra: That’s one of my favorite Scriptures to meditate on. What church do you all attend
in Tennessee?
Min. Jacobs: When we’re in town, we attend North Cleveland Church; it’s a great church
where the pastor really has a passion for God, the music is through the roof, the children’s
program is off the chain. We work during the week and, as much as we can, we’re together on
Sunday worshipping in our local church.

Shamerra: What word do you want to leave with us?
Min. Jacobs: My new book is called Stand Strong and I think in these last days, we as
Christians have to stand strong. Ephesians 6:10, “Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord
and in the power of His might ... put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand
…” You know, we’ve got to be strong for our families, for our marriages, for our husbands for
our wives, for our children, for our country, for what we believe. We’ve got to stand strong for
our president, our leaders. We’re living in a time when everybody wants to quit, everybody
wants to sit down. The Bible says that Jesus set His face like flint toward Jerusalem, that He
would not be moved. He knew what would be waiting for Him in Jerusalem. And even in the
garden, He said now Father if there’s any other way, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless,
not My will, but Thy will be done (Matt. 26:39). And I think it’s so important that we stand in
these days. The devil wants us to sit down. He knows that if we sit down and quit on our
dreams, if we quit on our marriages, if we quit on our families, if we quit on believing for a
miracle … that he’ll get us to lay down. If we lay down, he’ll sit on us. So we’ve got to stand
strong, not in our strength, but in the power of His might, take up the shield of faith, hold the
breastplate of righteousness, [have our] feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace,
[put on the] helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit …

Shamerra: What do you all like to do in your downtime?
Min. Jacobs: Nothing! Absolutely nothing. We’re still in that stage where everybody wants to
be in the pool. Every now and then, I’ll escape to the beach and have my umbrella day with just
me and my umbrella and my books and my computer or my iPod. My little girls love the pool, so
we love to play in the pool, we love to play golf together. Our lives are so busy that when we
get downtime we make it “downtime.”
Shamerra: You have been a most excellent minister for MannaScript. Thank you so much.
Min. Jacobs: Well I’m so blessed to have the chance to meet you and to talk to you today,
and I just pray that this interview will be a blessing to somebody.
Shamerra: Oh it will be. Thank you for the prayer earlier.
Min. Jacobs: You’re welcome.
Judy Jacobs approached our interview in a
manner not unfamiliar to anyone who’s caught just
a glimpse of the zealous minister — on fire! She
was undoubtedly equipped to address any topic
that would encourage others to completely trust in

For most of her life, Minister Jacobs has devoted
herself to full-time ministry, which includes a
packed schedule of traveling the world.
Demonstrating the joy of a true worshipper, she
preaches, sings, writes books and, along with her
husband Jamie Tuttle, oversees His Song
Ministries. Minister Jacobs’ TV broadcast
Jacobs Now!
is aired on major Christian networks
and reaches 51 million households around the
world. Through her ministry, bodies have been
healed, deliverance has occurred and many have
grown spiritually and made positive life-changing

God began to broaden her territory of service in
1989 and since then she has been involved with
several powerful ministries, crusades, camp
meetings, and conferences in the United States
and overseas. As a wife and mother of two,
Minister Jacobs understands the everyday
challenges and trials other servants face in trying
to balance ministry and family. Through
experience, she has learned that maintaining a
Christ-centered mindset is vital to victorious living.
Her explosive ministry encourages audiences out
of their comfort zones, and into the authority and
boldness of God, experiencing the complete
fulfillment He wants for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at Judy Jacobs to learn the
hows and whys of this passionate
servant-leader …
"Some [women] are being attacked and
we can see that. It is a direct attack; it
goes straight back to the garden. We
can blame it on this, we can blame it
on that, but it all goes back to the
garden. [The enemy] hates women ..."
"We have to fight, if you will, on a daily
basis, to keep things balanced. There’s no
A-B-C, 1-2-3 miracle-working formula. It’s
something you work at every day ...  I
wish I could say that we are the perfect
little family, but we’re not."