Austyn, 6, took time to answer some impromptu questions for MS. Here’s how
she responded:
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Who is Jesus?
He’s a shepherd.

Is He?
I think.

He is. And what does a shepherd do?
He preaches.

What happened with Jesus, on the cross?
He died, so He can save us. We deserved
to die like Jesus.

Yes, we did. So, where does God live?
In Heaven.

What does He do there?
He’s interceding for sinners.

What’s your favorite thing to do at school?
I like coloring Bible pictures.

You do? What Bible story do you like?

What happened with him?
David killed the poor sheep.

And then what?
He repented.

What does it mean to repent?
That he said, “I’m sorry.”

To who?
God. He killed the poor guy’s lamb.

Oh, OK. He said “I’m sorry,” and then what happened?
Ummmm, I don’t remember. That was a long time ago, I’m 6.

OK! You go to a Christian school?
Yeah. We get to do Bible projects.

Did you ever go on stage with your mom and dad?
Yeah. A guy in the choir, Aaron, he put me on his back, and he was all

Uh-oh. What are we supposed to do when we go to church?
Praise the Lord.

Do you share with your sister?
Yeah, sometimes she’s mean to me, but I just keep on being nice back to

You’re doing the right thing. When she’s a big girl, she’s going to be nicer like you.
She copies off of me a lot.

You're her big sister. Do you
like going to church?
Yeah. Sometimes it’s long.

I know. You travel a lot?
With my dad.

You like to get on airplanes?
No, it makes my stomach hurt
and I get dizzy.

So how do you prefer to travel?
I like to get on the tour bus.

The tour bus is fun, right? They have beds and TVs.
Yeah, but I missed it this time because I wanted to visit my Godsister. My
mom and dad went on the tour bus. They normally just get on big buses,
they don’t get on tour buses. But, this time, they went on the tour bus to

Do you like to sing?
Sometimes … I like to dance more.

You like to dance in front of people?
I had a dance recital. But I’m done, I was like 5 when I was done.

What are you supposed to do in the studio?
You’re supposed to tape yourself while you sing, so you can get it on an
album. My dad has a studio in his basement. When he turns on music, me
and my sister dance to it.

What do you at a concert?
I sit down, and then when my dad starts singing, me and my mommy, or
whoever’s watching me, get up and dance.

Your mom and dad have to take a lot of pictures sometimes. Do you mind that?
No, but like when daddy’s singing, he takes so long to get on the bus, we
have to wait like an hour. But I don’t mind because some of my friends
are on the bus with me and I get to play with them.

That’s very nice of you. Are you saved?

How do you know?
Because I’m on the Lord’s side, and I repent, and I go to church, and I
pray to the Lord.
Austyn with her parents, Shanté and Tye Tribbett,
at the Stellar Awards.
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