Evangelist Anntwanique Edwards, Ed.S.
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Inner Beauty
Many people are destroyed because of a lack of self-confidence -- daily failing to
attain things in life because no beauty is found within. Positive esteem has been
captured and corrupted by Satan’s devices. Media portrayals of unattainable
beauty and early childhood taunts by “prettier” popular children crush would-be
motivation. Failed relationships and denial of deserving promotions further
perpetuate feelings of inadequacy. Consider looking into a mirror each morning
only to see emptiness. Imagine having the reflection of failure each day. When
Godly self-image is distorted, it kills personal ambition. The “I can’t” spirit is
developed within and those who lack self-confidence lose zeal. Inspiration is
replaced with fear and eventually God-ordained promises are aborted by those
who cease to hope.

A famous bedtime story depicts the image well: The Ugly Duckling. The story
describes a duckling that is ostracized by other fowls because of its horrific
appearance. The other birds cackled because their vision was only skin deep.
The duckling was saddened by jokes and this altered his sense of worth. He
began to perceive that nothing good awaited him. He thought he was too ugly to
attain greatness. Yet, the duckling grew into a beautiful swan!  The moral of the
story is to appreciate inner beauty. Unfortunately, many have not grasped that
concept. Some adults do not believe they possess inner beauty and do no know
the value of their God-given traits, attributes and talents.

According to Genesis 1:26, the Lord has made each of us in His likeness and
image. He is full of splendor and beauty, therefore, we all possess inner beauty --
a quality that others may not see at first. At the appointed time that beauty will
mesmerize those who deemed us to be ugly creatures. We must hope in the
future that God sees us obtaining and forget the negative words of others. “For I
know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and
not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29:11). I encourage you to
begin seeing who you are from the inside out, rather than the outside in. The
mirror on the wall can only reflect what you believe. Understand that the inner
beauty you possess comes from Christ (see Psalm 139:14). God has endowed
you with gifts, talents, power and beauty. Each should cause you to hope for
tomorrow and strive for success. The season of the swan is approaching … and
that season belongs to you!

Anntwanique D. Edwards is the founder of Generation COGIC in Gainesville, Fla.
She is a licensed missionary/evangelist in the Church of God in Christ; works as an
assistant principal; is a doctoral candidate; and has started a nonprofit evangelistic
association, Divine Ministry, Inc. She even found time to pen her first book,
Daddy, Where Are You? For booking or other info, please contact Michelle Durant
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By Anntwanique D. Edwards, Ed.S.
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