About Jesus!
                               The Absolute Truth

What can we say about Jesus, the Christ? There’s more than enough to
express, but so little can be written. Even the most descriptive, prolific, fact-
driven vernacular will never measure up to His greatness. However, for the
sake of spreading this Good News, we’ll give an attempt at expressing a
fraction of what is His majesty.

He came to help people in the world — all of us. And yes, as a human race, we
needed Him before each of us had the first recognizance of our existence.
Every person has a void, an empty space in his heart. No matter what we have
tried to plug in there, it’s a place, a need that only God can wholly fill. No talent,
gift, position, relationship, or profession will ever adequately compensate for
this fulfilling.

So, in His wisdom, God devised the perfect plan. He would provide a gift for us,
free of charge, a man; His perfect, righteous, submissive Son to fill the void and
to cover our sin debt (that we surely owed). Although there is nothing we can
ever be or do to pay for or deserve Him, God gave us — without regret — His
best gift.

Throughout the four Gospels in the Word of God, there are numerous
examples of Jesus showing us life, submission, compassion, death. This
wonderful Savior even detailed what to do when it’s hard
(Yes, even He was
burdened to give up on his life’s assignment/purpose -
Matt. 26:16-33.); the
secrets to an abundant, prosperous, fulfilling life; and most importantly, He still
shows us today, how to love God our Creator and Father, and how to love
Mark 12:29-31

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to present to [and remind some of] you today
that Christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship with Jesus, through His
Holy Spirit.
Phil. 3:7-14

Although He submitted to the ultimate work over 2,000 years ago, no other
person or entity has what Jesus is still offering us today: True love. Ultimate
companionship. Matchless friendship. Perfect strength. Inexplicable peace.
Secure comfort. Trusted guidance. Personal direction. Divine protection.
There's so much more, but an intimate relationship with Him will reveal all that
He is to you. And what He expects from us "in return" can never be compared
to what He (joyfully) endured for the love of God.
(Expectations of God that
should be by-products of living for Jesus: Love Him. Love people. Give. Be
Holy. Rely on Him. Submit ... ).
The beauty is that we didn’t have to possess
any of these qualities before God arranged for Jesus to be the very sacrifice
that would have been required of us.

Another amazing observation is that, after Jesus died and was resurrected,
God could’ve been finished with us until the rapture (return of Christ for His
believers to be with Him for eternity). But the holy, sovereign God and Creator
of all that exists, actually wants to have a relationship and fellowship with us —
through the indwelling of His presence by all who will accept Jesus, and turn
away from the ways of the sinful world. Amazing love, this is!

It is also important to note that believing Jesus existed is not enough to profess
Christianity. The belief cannot be solely intellectual or comprehensive; it’s a
way of life. And Jesus is clear on the life-changing fact that He is the absolute,
only way to God, the Father. No one else. No other means necessary. He is the
only way to the truth that clears the path for us to enjoy the best (of Himself
and all beneficial by-products) in this life and the next.
John 14:6

If you are not in right relationship with Jesus Christ, accept Him today ... and
then live with Him forever.
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