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About Editor
Shamerra T. Brown has an extensive journalistic background encompassing
newswriting, editing and writing for national media, as well as individual client
assignments. She has written or edited material on a wide variety of topics
including Christian issues/events, entertainers, music, real estate, education and
government; also serving as a writing and public relations consultant to several
national ministers and other professionals. Shamerra obtained a Master of Arts
degree in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University and a Bachelor of
Science degree in Journalism/Public Relations from the University of Florida.

After years of expending her energies for various media and other projects,
Shamerra obeyed the urgent prompting of the Lord to launch
MannaScript in  
2005. Recognizing the communication skills graciously loaned to her, she
understands that this is a divine appointment in which God is only using her to
MannaScript, while He remains the Chief Executive Officer. With the
Lord and an awesome team, Shamerra knows that
MannaScript can only be a
success — from God’s view.

She continues to pursue quality, excellence and integrity in her personal and
professional endeavors. Yielding her full will and attention to God, Shamerra is
looking ahead to whatever He has for her to be and do in this life.
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